Not a new picture

I had a few pictures scanned into the computer and I just keep rotating them. Well, the other day Ron mentioned that some of the ladies he worked with used 20 year old pictures on their business cards! HA!

Well, none of mine are were that old, but I did pull out last year’s school pix and scanned it in to use. ( This year’s isn’t back yet and occasionally they are NOT usable. 😛 ) I don’t want anyone asking where in the world my picture was made 😉

The black and white one is from Joe and Blythe’s wedding. I may keep it on some things just because I like it!

5 thoughts on “Not a new picture

  1. HA! It took some searching but I found my wordpress login info! That’s what I get for cleaning up my bookmarks and such — now I can’t find anything!

    Love the photo! I haven’t had a recent one either and have used the same 4-5 pix for about five years now. Not much has changed except the hairdo which changes on a monthly basis (that’s how I keep myself amused these days! LOL)

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