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I got home and sat down at the computer with a snack to go through Google Reader for the first time since about 5 a.m.

One of the early blogs I hit had 17 posts! Remember that’s just since 5 a.m. I may hit 17 posts some weeks 😉

But when I have hundreds of feeds pop up, I always go to my favorites first to see what they have going on. I’m frequently amazed at the depth of comments and the conversations that happen after the post. TC and Nick both frequently get great comments that turn into really good conversations. Peter has one today. Thirty-nine comments when I hit it. It’s on heaven and when Christians will arrive at the pearly gates. Very good discussion!


2 thoughts on “blog comments

  1. I agree, Bitsy…enjoyed reading all the thought provoking comments! Having studied Seventh Day Adventist’s beliefs and comparing it Biblically to my basically Baptist teaching, I still can not come to a firm conclusion. One thing that can be agreed on, I’m sure, is that where ever Christians are after we die will be perfect, as all eternity will be…yay! 🙂

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