I reviewed Bella last year. Touching movie.

This is from BreakPoint about Bella being used in prisons with some heartwarming results:

Since the movie won the People’s Choice Award in 2007 at the Toronto Film Festival, and was released later that year, efforts have been underway to get the movie into all crisis pregnancy centers across America. But according to an article in the National Catholic Register, new efforts are underway to get this life-changing film into prisons across America. The cook, Jose, is a great example of a man whose life has been devastated by a mistake, but who has used that mistake to turn his life around and do something redemptive with the days he has left. I think this film could have just as big an impact in the prison community as it has in the community of crisis care, where initial reports say that over 100 people have contacted the Bella production company to say that they decided to keep their baby as a result of seeing the film.


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