So Time changes again

I hate it when the time changes. We have the same time regardless of what time we say it is. The number of daylight hours are no different. I understand the history, but the continuation of this practice makes no sense to me.

This is an interesting site with some trivia about this awful practice. (the clouds they use to navigate are irritating IMHO, but the information is still good.) I especially like the one that said the $7 million in proposed savings swayed all of Indiana to observe DST when in fact it ended up costing them over $8 million.

Down with time change!


4 thoughts on “So Time changes again

  1. Those of us who are Bipolar have a tough time with change in routine or change in anything really. Seasons probably make more of a difference than time, but this time stuff can mess us up for a week. The one in the spring is the worst for me. The message boards are always lit up twice a year with this.

    I still plan on getting you that picture of the wood thing with drawers.

  2. The year I moved to the east coast was the first year of the early spring forward. I lost an hour just by moving out of the Central Time Zone, and the next week I lost another hour due to the change to Daylight Saving Time. I was a mess for a month. I liked the extra hour last night, but I was awake at 5 this morning, and ready for lunch by 10:30.

    Like Bitsy, I understand the concept, but find it unnecessary in this modern age. I’m so not looking forward to sunset at 5p.m. and leaving work in the dark.

    TCR: I’m with ya!

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