Racism and the Great Commission Resurgence

That’s the title of Russell Moore’s post today. He points to an article from the Baptist Standard that says some missionaries who adopted children of different ethnicities cannot speak in some churches.

The newspaper says that a missionary couple were forbidden, by official church action, to speak in some churches because of the fact that their Tanzanian-born children are of a different ethnicity than the people church.

Utterly astounding if true and knowing people, I’m sure it is.

He’s got some good thoughts on the matter like this:

When Joel Rainey, a church planting strategist from Maryland, read the article, he posted the following on my Facebook wall: “The church that refused to let this couple speak because of their racist ideology should be disfellowshipped at the associational, state, and national level.”

He went on to say that white supremacist churches (or, I’m sure he’d agree, black supremacist churches, for that matter) are no different than congregations disfellowshipped for supporting sexual liberationist ideologies, “disobedient to Scripture in order to appeal to the darker elements of culture.”

I could not agree more.


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