A library without books

this was an interesting find after the earlier post on e-readers. A library without books and it’s written on a blog combining tech and ed by a guy named Stephen Anderson. (NO not the one we talk about so often in KJVO heretical kind of circles!)

I had a recent discussion with a county tech person (not my county) who told me I was wasting my time in Library Science because Information Technology was the wave of the future. She thought I should change to technology. The thing is, tech people usually know how to find information, but it’s the information specialists that manage it and make it easier to find and use for the general public – or even a specified group. I know that much of what we have in the library now is so quickly obsolete, we have to go another path, but do we have to chunk all the books out with the technology?

I agree with this writer. Libraries need books.


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