What kind of coffee do you drink?

Jason was discussing making coffee. I didn’t comment because he’d gotten all the wonderful advice he needed by the time I got there. But I’ve been thinking a lot about coffee. You cannot get up as early as I have too and not have a good cup of coffee to start the day. OK, I know folks who do, but if they’d just give it a week, they’d see it is far superior to cola. 😉

We get Starbucks to brew at home – any medium roast will do from there. We get Dunkin Donuts. That’s a good coffee for about 2/3 the cost of Starbucks. Those are my two favorites that I can easily get my hands on. There are some I will drink in the short term like 8 O’Clock.

What coffees do you look for?


16 thoughts on “What kind of coffee do you drink?

  1. I’m going to have to disagree about coffee being superior to cola. I start my day with a Pepsi. 😉 I generally don’t drink coffee at all, but in the event that I do it’s usually from Dunkin’ Donuts and I order it light and sweet.

  2. But you do drink coffee!?! Most of the people I know who don’t drink it on a regular basis, don’t drink it ever.

    BUT I notice that your coffee makeup sounds a lot like a soft drink – light and sweet 😉

  3. Coffee addict here. I get regular deliveries of Gevalia’s limited edition rare coffees. Good stuff and really not that expensive.

    I drink it black 99% of the time, but every now and then put in a couple of scoops of vanilla or chocolate ice cream to jazz it up.

    It’s also nice to have on hand for gift giving. The DD’s coffee drinking teachers always get a box of Gevalia and a Godiva chocolate bar at Christmas:)

  4. It used to be available locally, but the store stopped carrying it.

    I had a friend of mine bring me about 4 pounds when he went down in July. When I am down in November, I will pick me up a few to tide me over until he goes down against next July.

    If you want, I can send you a pound.

  5. Nick: I had no idea you were this serious a Pepsi zealot! I would start my day with a Dr. Pepper, but without breakfast first, I am asking for a stomach ache!

    Joel: Community Dark Roast is pretty good. Most of my church members whom I visit drink coffee, so I have it all–the good and the bad! Still, nothing beats a white chocolate mocha with a double shot from Starbucks!

  6. I roast my own. My favorites are those from Brazil, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Ethiopia dry process and Yemen with some others thrown in now and then. I roast each at a level that’s best for that bean and don’t burn any of them a la Starbucks. ! Unfortunately/ironically I can’t handle much caffeine so I only have one small regular cup a day and one half decaf.

  7. Boca Java is marvelous, and very easy to stop the membership if the price becomes too much a luxury on the budget. A good friend of mine did the Seattle Coffee company (or something like that) but it took an act of congress to stop the deliveries. I really like Starbuck’s Sumatra blend. Yummeee. Also, the Bi-Lo Southern Home brand Autumn Harvest flavor…cinnamon, vanilla, clove and nutmeg. Again, Yummeee

  8. Bitsy, I buy the coffee beans (dark espresso) and grind them at the market, enough for about a week or so, and keep it a an air tight container. Then I brew myself a double shot of espresso, and make myself a very nice fat/sugar free latte. Makes me want to have one now, but it’s too late at night.

  9. Joel, thank you so much, but I’m not a big fan of dark roast 😉

    Sounds like we’ve got some real coffee connoisseurs in biblioblogdom.

    I can’t imagine roasting my own! How long does that take Jeff? Do you do it in the oven?

  10. Sorry, I didn’t see your previous question. Most people start roasting in a popcorn popper and right there you can get better coffee than most places. There are all kinds of ways to roast at home from DIY type stuff to home roasters you can buy. I use a BBQ grill with a motorized drum. I used to sell to customers but just roast for myself and occasionally a friend.

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