Favorite drinks?

Matt has a top ten soda list!

I drink three things on a regular basis, so I’ll do a top three DRINK list instead:



Diet Ginger Ale (only Canada Dry!)

So, what wets your whistle?


12 thoughts on “Favorite drinks?

  1. Dr. Pepper, as Matt already knows! Bitsy’s right–for Ginger Ale, there is only one: Canada Dry! Oh, and yes, tea is as important to life as water and food!

  2. I used to be a tea drinker, but we always had unsweetened and when we moved to GA, it was too hard to keep a glass of unsweetened unsweet.

    I gave it up and have never gone back. Now coffee I’ve tried to give up several times. It’s got too strong a draw in the a.m. I’m afraid.

  3. Jason, when I moved from Texas to GA, I was quickly told I wasn’t a Southerner by many people who didn’t think Texas was deep enough in the South.

    I like diet coke too Peter. It just doesn’t make my daily list 😉

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