Screwtape letters

I got this from Tyndale for review. I’ve been listening to it the last few mornings in the car. It is wonderful! Satan’s minions take on new personality with great voices and sound effects.

For those of you unfamiliar with Focus on the Family’s Radio Theater, it is very much like the old time radio shows we’ve all heard snippets of. Everyone I’ve heard has been good. I may have to get some more for my drive!


2 thoughts on “Screwtape letters

  1. Bitsy, is the actual book being read/dramatized, or is it some version of it based on the book? If it is C.S. Lewis story being dramatized I will get it. This is one of my favorite C.S. Lewis books.

  2. Robert, it has been years since I read it. It seems very close to the book. There were a couple of places where I thought they must have added dialogue, but I couldn’t tell you for sure AND I can’t find anything that actually says any more than “dramatization of the book” kind of stuff.

    It was excellent though. i’ve listened to it through twice now.

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