Alma Maters

indiana-universityThe topic of college has come up a time or two in the blogs I read and it raised my curiosity. From what college did you get your undergrad degree and what is it in?

Mine is from Indiana University at Indianapolis and it’s in Liberal Arts which is the perfect degree for a jack of all trades.


9 thoughts on “Alma Maters

  1. University of Tennessee, Knoxville…both times.

    B.S. in Communications/Advertsing
    M.S. in Social Work

  2. Thank you guys! I love to know this kind of stuff about people 😛

    Jeff, I didn’t go to college right out of high school. I went after I had kids. You know so much more than some of the rest of us anyway! I love the way you think about things.

  3. Although I did go to college it ended up not doing me any good. One of my pet peeves is that everyone supposedly has to go to college, sometimes just to show that they can accomplish something, as if that’s the only way they can do it. Same with athletes having to finish their degree before going pro. Why in the world would they need a degree right then? Can’t they ever go back to school? Are all those kids not going to go to college at all because of that?

    I could go on and on. Sorry for the rant.

    That is a good question though so we know where our blogging friends went to school. I dropped out of University of Wisconsin Madison as a music performance major playing trombone (like ElShaddai).

    I lost my scholarship because I couldn’t hold the grade average requirement which was higher than what I had in high school. I wish I would have gotten more help. I seem to learn differently. I still have bad dreams about it all.

  4. Jeff, I went to Houston Baptist for a quarter and dropped out because I was having to work full time while I went. Learning was NOT something I was interested in then. I just wanted to get away from home.

    When I decided that I needed to go because so many of the jobs I wanted to hold required an education, well, I applied and then couldn’t start. I was petrified I’d fail. It took me an entire year to take my first class. Once I started, I loved it. Changed my major a dozen times because every class I took was my favorite when I was taking it.

    I don’t like that everyone is made to feel they have to go to college. When it was important to me, I went back. I think others will go back too.

    I hate college was such a bad experience for you.

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