10 random beliefs meme

Bless Joel‘s heart, he tagged me. NO rules.

  1. I believe school should not start until 10:00 a.m.
  2. I believe there should be a mandatory national reading time set aside each day.
  3. I believe end of grade/course testing has done more harm than good.
  4. I believe that LOST should start to make some sense after you’ve watched it more than once.
  5. I believe we should be more energetic as we age and gain wisdom.
  6. I believe every child should have someone in his or her live that loves them unconditionally.
  7. I believe that college basketball is the best sport.
  8. I believe there is an amazing amount of information that I have no clue even exists.
  9. I believe laundry should wash and fold itself while the house is cleaning itself.
  10. I believe SUVs should use less gas just because I really prefer to drive one.

So, mmmmmm

James, Martin, Mark


12 thoughts on “10 random beliefs meme

  1. I used to love reading time in school! If memory serves me correctly, in fifth or sixth grade, Friday was devoted completely to reading.

    I’ll post my beliefs soon.

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