The amazing credit score email

After months of being off the job market, I get another one of these that escaped my spam filter:

Thank you for your application for the administration/data entry position here at

Sorry for the delayed response. Our HR department has kept your resume on file. I am writing to inform you that we have a position available.

The position requires you to complete data entry assignments from your home computer. Please review our website so you understand the full requirements for the position.

During the next phase of the hiring process our assistant HR will call you to discuss what your job will involve based on your background and experience.

As part of our routine checks on all potential employees who have reached this stage, we require applicants to complete a security / credit check to verify your details.

Please note: Your credit score is irrelevant, we are required by law to have a full credit report on file due to the private financial data you may come across on our site. In addition, it is used to verify legal US citizenship, employment history, social security references and a confirmation of address.

We have arranged a free-service for you: Free Credit Report

(We are NOT requiring you to send in the credit report at this time. We just need you to copy the SUBJECT line from the credit report confirmation email, then paste it into the application form below.)

Now please fill out the Application Form to let us know the best time to call you and set up the phone interview.

Please look over our FAQ if you have further inquires.

The information that you submit will be sent to our assistant HR whom will contact you soon.

Thank you for you time and I look forward to welcoming you to the team!

Warm Regards,
Eric Armistead

folks, please do not go to these sites and give them any information. No job application needs your credit report!

4 thoughts on “The amazing credit score email

  1. Do you think this applies to that email I got from a Kenyan prince that wants my bank account info so he can send me $2 million?

  2. I got this very same email today and I believed it was a scam when I got it. I usually will check the internet and see if anyone else has gotten them. However, I did want to say that at least where I live just about every prospective employer here does to a credit check….

  3. Matt: I think the Kenyan prince owns this company!

    mel678: a credit check when they are just in the talking stages is unreasonable IMHO. However, there is a huge difference between a legitimate credit check and an online one. I have had to do background checks for jobs but never credit checks.

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