Rewatching LOST

again. I don’t know what it is about this totally weird show that has me hooked, but I have been since I watched the first season several years ago on DVD. Actually, I think I watched 1 & 2. Brandon had been home for Thanksgiving and left it with me until Christmas. Then I had to buy my own copies to watch again. And I’ve watched them all again and again. I don’t know how many times.

I’ve never been a very good watcher of anything. I’m on the computer, writing, crafting, pulling lessons together or something. So consequently I find that new stuff is ALWAYS cropping up. Or maybe there is just so much on LOST that I forgot some of the facts lost in the avalanche of them.

3 thoughts on “Rewatching LOST

  1. I also do work when I’m watching TV. I can’t really when the Sun and Jin episodes are on, though, since there are subtitles. It got a little better when Sun spoke more English. The same goes with when I’m watching Hiro and Ando on Heroes.

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