He is by Aaron Jeoffrey

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Great Song


9 thoughts on “He is by Aaron Jeoffrey

  1. You are welcome Eric! Great message in that song and it’s one of several that I remember the whole family singing in the car together on trips.

    hahaha – audacious. I know it’s not gonna happen, but it’s fun trying.

  2. Oh, Bitsy. Thanks for posting this. I’d forgotten all about the Benwards. The dad, Jeoffrey, came to our church in the 80’s as a solo performer. I was a new Christian and his music ministered to me so much. I always thought he had one of the most beautiful voices I had ever heard.

    I just now purchased his “The Redeemer” CD on iTunes!!!! Spine tingling stuff I haven’t heard in many years. Used to play it over and over. It’s taking me right back to those early sweet days of my salvation.

  3. somewhere i still have a cassette tape with this song on it. Awesome song. While I was still in Houston and going to TAllowood, I want to say one of the dramatic groups had a liturgical dance to this…absolutely breathtaking.

  4. It was beautiful. The first time I heard the song was live at 2nd Baptist in Houston. Rebecca St. James was supposed to have opened for either Wayne Watson or Geoff Moore and the Distance, and couldn’t get through Immigration because her Visa was messed up. Aaron Jeffry agreed at the last minute to open. It was spell-binding.

    I had to listen to this twice … and just wept over the lyrics. I’ve been so overwhelmed over the diabetes diagnosis that I’ve been a bit self-absorbed. To be reminded that my Savior is more than just an idea, but that He’s Our Morning Star rising with healing in His Wings… it knocked me off my pedestal and put Him back in His rightful place. Humbling and awesome all at the same time.

  5. Ann, I think it’s ok to be self-absorbed every once in a while. Sometimes we need to give ourselves more attention. The problem comes when we stay that way. That’s not healthy.

    I’ve been knocked off my feet by God enough to know I should stay down and depend on Him. Unfortunately, I keep getting up to try on my own again. 😉

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