Words of wisdom for discouraged mentor?

From the BreakPoint blog.

I’m Not a Christian Anymore

“I’m not a Christian anymore,” the 12-year-old girl I have been mentoring for four years just informed me.

She tells me she has decided to become a Muslim.

Once in the car on the way to our regular date to the library, I ask her to elaborate.

She has recently had a conversation with her stepfather, who is a Muslim and who is apparently trying to convince her to follow the ways of Islam.

Child has been in Christian school is now in public. The author doesn’t want to shove Christianity down the kid’s throat, but . . .

What advice will you give this discouraged mentor?


2 thoughts on “Words of wisdom for discouraged mentor?

  1. Joel, that was the one thing I thought of last evening too. God is the only one who can change this young girl’s heart and help with any pressures she’s feeling at home. He will also give the mentor peace.

    I’ve thought about similar things often. You see some spectacular accident where everyone walked out unscathed, and someone will quip, “Well if they didn’t believe in God before, they will now!” That’s just not true. We have no control over whether anyone believes or not. We have not control over whether they say they are believers and then change their minds. What we do have control over is to faithfully present the gospel. The rest has to be left to God.

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