Why I am Southern Baptist

Ed Stetzer has a very good post for us SBC types on the topic.

He lists five reasons:

  1. Theology
  2. Conservative
  3. Cooperation
  4. Cooperative Program
  5. Fellowship

Usually when people ask me, I give three of those. Conservative, Theology and the Cooperative Program.


10 thoughts on “Why I am Southern Baptist

  1. The last church we attended (incidentally, where I got baptized as an adult) was Southern Baptist. It was a very contemporary, Spirit-filled Southern Baptist Church, but it was still Baptist. They called us the “renegade Baptists.” It was funny.

  2. This sounds pretty good.

    Am I right in understanding the missionaries don’t have to raise their own support? I’ve been in favor of this despite people defending reasons for raising their own support.

  3. Jeff: That is true most of the time, when the funds are there. That’s one thing I admire about our convention–missions support is usually overwhelming. I remember when the economy went south, here in Louisiana, missions offerings were at a record high!

  4. I must say, that I agree with Jeff. When I was a member of the SBC in Baton Rouge, the focus on missions was such a very large part of the monthly updates, etc…

  5. Renegade Baptists! I love that having always felt like a renegade myself.

    I agree Jason. Can’t imaging being any where else.

    Jeff – that funding for missionaries is one of the really great things that Southern Baptists do well. I’ve only seen support withdrawn once and that was when a missionaries wife died and he married a gal from another religion. He didn’t talk to the Foreign mission board – just assumed he could stay. Very odd situation.

    There are some issues I’ve had with the cooperative program, but on the whole, it works quite nicely.

    Joel, missions have been large in every church where we’ve ever been a member.

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