The end?

Pray tell, what is going on here?

the end #1 I went to bed shaking my head over that one.

the end #2 AND woke up to this one!

Any one else got some major announcement this weekend?


16 thoughts on “The end?

  1. I agree Joel, I was just wondering what else anyone wanted to end this weekend to add to the hub bub. We could have a THE END extravaganza or even a carnival perhaps 😉

    Personally, I’m hoping to put an end to my work for LIBS 6010 unit one so I can move on to unit 2!

  2. It’s been tough, and I am nearly done, but whew – if only that was it.

    And Jim? Oh yes, he is going down. FAST.

    But, alas, no, that’s not it. It’s actually much more serious than that, one which I believe will effect us all.

  3. LOL I’m dying here! I was beginning to think something was wrong (so ignore that email), but if it’s just the rapture! Well then, I know what N.T. Wright would say 😉

  4. HA! I just couldn’t resist it when I saw it! If you follow the links at the bottom of the page, you will note that the pastor has made several predictions.

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