Spending the day writing (or not)

I finished the formal paper on my library visit. I cannot imagine that the professor will get a great deal of pleasure in reading 70 of these. I do see it’s purpose however because I noticed several things in this public library that I’d not noticed before. There was a decent sized Spanish section. Very small staff means no librarians on the floor. The internet-connected computers were in use constantly.

I’ve still got two reading reflections for this unit to write, but those will have to wait until tomorrow. This unit closes out on Tuesday. I hope things aren’t so hectic at school for the next one.

To kill time instead of writing technical stuff, I looked at my alexa ranking.

United States Flag 276,113
Bgjackofalltrades.wordpress.com users come from these countries:

* 86.8% United States
* 12.7% OTHER

I also found this sermon by Russel Moore about how it will take billions of years to get our best lives now. I haven’t listened to it yet, but I’m sure I will sometime before the weekend is over. 😉

OH, and I’m pretty sure that now I’m more than caught up on my blog reading having read some posts multiple times.


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