Are Christian Thinkers by Nature Arrogant?

Are Christian Thinkers by Nature Arrogant?

This is from BreakPoint. I do think that most people who think appear arrogant to people who don’t. The very nature of higher level thinking makes those who don’t think uneasy. I would hope that Christian thinkers have compassion somewhere in there that tempers the appearance of arrogance.



6 thoughts on “Are Christian Thinkers by Nature Arrogant?

  1. I mentioned the appearance of arrogance because I wonder if sometimes non-thinkers feel excluded from the conversation. Of course I know some very arrogant thinkers (and a good number of other arrogant son of a guns). I know that I’ve been guilty of wondering why so-n-so didn’t put more effort into a reading or it’s analyization. I remember saying to someone professionally, “what do you mean you didn’t understand that article? Read it again, pick it apart. You stay with it until you do.” Thinking along these lines, that probably appeared arrogant.

  2. I have meet arrogant thinkers before. But I have also met eccentric thinkers with high IQ’s. It just seems in order for them to have that level of thinking you have to give up some social skills. They are just on another plane, and maybe they come off as arrogant?

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