scoping a library

Today, the manager/director of the Reynolda Manor Branch graciously allowed me to come in the library, take a tour and pick her brain.

This branch has been in this building, which is an old movie theater, since the mid 1990s. It’s got 17,000 square feet and houses 50,000 volumes. It’s roomy, well equipped and has a very nice staff. The biblical studies section is not up to par ;), but they do service a vast array of clients – not just the kind I hang out with.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in this library and at first glance, I thought it hadn’t changed, but once I started poking around, I found that there were more computers and a sign-in computer for the computers. I counted 12 computers, but some had to be look-up stations because they did not stay busy.

Another change was the sheer volume of audio books both in the adult and children’s areas. This section had expanded considerably.

There were lots of tables and chairs all over as well as some comfy chairs. There were about 50 magazines and 10 newspapers. I don’t remember those from before, but that’s not something I would have noticed if I hadn’t been sitting in the middle of the room looking at each and every item intently.


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