Spelling errors and other things

This past couple of weeks, I’ve noticed that I’ve been making more spelling errors. Mainly they have been homonyms. NewKnew has come up more than once. I’ve found some before hitting the Publish Button but have still missed some.

I’ve also written some horribly constructed sentences. They weren’t bad the first write. It was sometime during a rewrite – trying to make it better or fuller or clearer and I left part of the old sentence in place.

Thank goodness posts can be edited way after publication.

Having pretty equal right/left brain functions is a hardship in times when I’m as busy as I am now. I want to do things right but I really want to do them fast. Both are compromised. It is nearly impossible to be a fast perfectionist. But yet, I try.

I’ve also been thinking about reading. Reading time for anything other than Library Science has gone to the dogs. I keep reading (skimming) book reviews and what’s come in the mail posts. I like library science, but it’s not exciting stuff at this point.


7 thoughts on “Spelling errors and other things

  1. Bitsy don’t listen to Joel, he’s only speaking from personal experience.

    I often have to balance making a post perfect (as if I could) and deciding how much time to spend on it. Some people can proofread their own writing nearly flawlessly and others of us take several readings and we still might get some things wrong.

    I’m also horrified when I find mistakes and wonder if better writers are rolling their eyes at some of my sentences.

  2. Joel! I hope it isn’t permanent!

    Jeff, I think so much of not finding the mistakes is that we know what we want to say and read that into what those written words. Make looking for them all the harder. I’ve never rolled my eyes over one of your posts – just so you’ll know. πŸ˜›

  3. Wait – Jeff – are you saying that it can be controlled? πŸ™‚

    Believe it or not, I do proof my own posts – but to no avail, so, I try to have my wife do it for me now.

    Whether or not everything is spelt correctly does not matter to me – and I can guess how many eye rolls I get!

  4. poor Joel!

    You do have very good content and that IS the most important thing.

    Part of my problem with my spelling errors is that I have told the entire world that I’m a teacher. Teachers really should know how to spell and construct sentences. Thank goodness I’ve told everyone that I’m a math teacher because that does take off a bit of the pressure. What do we know about writing anyway πŸ˜‰

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