Review: Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

Thanks to Thomas Nelson for this review copy of Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence by Sarah Young.

From CBD:

Product Information

Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 400
Vendor: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: 2004

Dimensions: 6.25 X 4.25 X 1.0 (inches)
ISBN: 1591451884
ISBN-13: 9781591451884
Availability: In Stock

This book is one of those devotion books that sits a little larger than a deck of cards. Each page has a day’s devotion on it. It’s meant to be read through the year, one short passage at a time. It is written in first person with Jesus being the speaker. Each day has a different purpose, but throughout the course of the readings there is repetition of content.

Most of the readings were very good and gave me at least slight pause for thought about my relationship with Jesus or my service. It is a very well written devotional for it’s type. A couple of things I didn’t care for especially. The print is not black. I’ve got several of these kinds of devotionals and this one was just harder to keep reading through because of the goldish/brown print. The other thing that I would change is that Scripture text was not included. Scripture references were, but it seems to me that part of the purpose of this type of devotional is to have everything on one page. Other than those two items, it’s nicely done, and I think I’ll continue to read it over the next year.

edited to show page:

The text print looks black in the scan, but it's the same color as the brown surrounding the steeple art top page.
The text print looks black in the scan, but it's the same color as the brown surrounding the steeple art top page.


8 thoughts on “Review: Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

  1. I’m enjoying it, though it is practically the same devotion every day. But it adds a slightly different nuance each time, I guess.

  2. I felt the same way. Not enough variety, but the layout makes it a bit limiting. last year, when I was teaching the Life of Christ, I read through the gospels several times and really, really liked that.

  3. I agree with you on the Bible verse part, but the print in mine actually looks black. I wonder if there are different editions.

  4. Mine’s different. It’s red on the top, and it has an unfolded hand instead of a steeple. People must have complained to the publishers!

  5. But the weird thing is…shouldn’t your cover be gold and have a steeple? But it’s the same as mine. Perhaps yours is the later edition–one that was trying to be creative.

  6. well, James, now that you mention it, my book is gold and brown on the outside and not red like in the picture. I got that pix from CBD to link to them. The hand is the same on the cover though.

    The covers are close enough in color, I was just thinking it was the nuances of online photos.

    Each month does have a different little pix at the top of the page, but none of them are the hand on the front.

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