A church plant

My cyber-friend Ann and her husband Bob will be planting a church! She talks about it on her blog.

DH and I will be planting a church. Technically, it will be another campus of our church but the style and staff will be a little different, although we’ll have the infrastructure of our current church to back us up.


So we’re at the starting gate. We’re ready to go and begin the planning and vision casting for this new chapter in our lives. God is so good and I so thank Him for leading us and giving us a great church home to be launched from. It’s going to be an interesting next year as we pull this off with God’s help and I pray that this church would lift high the name of Jesus on Long Island. How humbling to be able to be a part of it!

I’m so excited for them! What a marvelous opportunity to serve, meet new people, share the gospel, to be challenged and grow.


3 thoughts on “A church plant

  1. Thanks Bitsy for posting about us. It’s so exciting to see God work in our lives, leading us in places we didn’t know we’d be going. He’s done this a few times and we just kind of laugh and say “OK God – if that’s where you want us, it’s where we want to go”. šŸ™‚ I appreciate your prayers as we travel this new road!

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