Relocating teachers

We were told the Thursday of the first week of school that enrollment wasn’t where it needed to be to keep all the teachers. One or two people might be moved. The grade with too many teachers and not enough students was kindergarten. This was due to a date change for acceptable birthdays.

I fully expected to be told I would have to move since I was not only new to the building but also new to the district. So I waited, taught, prepped and taught some more. Ron said he’d find a truck somewhere if it happened.

Yesterday we found out that a 2nd grade teacher would be moving to another school with one of the kindergarten teachers moving up to take her place. An aid was also moved. I am grateful that I’m not moving. I think I’d have to drop out of my current grad course, but I do hate that anyone had to move three weeks into school.


3 thoughts on “Relocating teachers

  1. Hi Bitsy,

    I’m glad things worked out for you. I can only imagine how difficult it is going to be for those teachers who have to move. Being forced to make such a major change after settling in for the year will be difficult. If it were me, I would probably go crazy. I like what the tv character Monk once said, “I don’t mind change, as long as I am not around when it happens”. Change causes me stress.


  2. Martin, I’m really glad I didn’t have to move either, but I’d resigned myself to the fact that if I had to, it would be to where God wanted me to be.

    I’ve been praying for both those teachers. Especially the one that had to move out of the building. As I was leaving yesterday, I saw all the kindergarten teachers helping their teammate move. I want the other teacher to have that kind of support too.

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