My Blogroll

Several people have mentioned new additions to their blog rolls lately. I probably could tell you who was new or not to mine if I put some thought to it, but the fact is that I add people and sometimes take them off – usually when they quit posting (except for Nathan 😉 ). There are so many, many wonderful bloggers. Sometimes I fill it up with people I read only occasionally because they have such value, and then I prune it down. Why? Because I think my blogroll is worthless if it has all the biblioblogs and related blogs that I haven’t really bought into enough to ready pretty regularly. All those wonderful blogs are noted so many places by people who do read them word for word.

I’ve said all this to get to: Please scan my blog roll. If there is someone on mine that is not on yours, would you give them a click to see what they have to say!


4 thoughts on “My Blogroll

  1. Bitsy, what is about Nathan that we won’t take him off our blogrolls? I know that he has been inactive for some time, but he is still responding and participating. I guess I just hope that he gets back to posting soon.

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