How many sets of twins?

A Mount Airy NC school has 9 sets of twins. That’s amazing!

Seeing Double? Local School Has 9 Sets Of Twins


2 thoughts on “How many sets of twins?

  1. I can see from this photo, how the philosophy of raising twins has changed. I am a twin, and back in my elementary school days, twins were always dressed alike – maybe same style & different colors. I do not see one set of twins dressed alike in this photo.

    Twins now are raised as individuals rather than a set, in today’s world. It is a good thing – celebrates each twins individuality. There were far fewer twins decades ago too.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I’ve taught a few sets of twins over the years and have one now. There does seem to be a trend of treating them as individuals. I think it’s a very good trend!

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