Technology and education

Reading the comments on Nick’s post about Technology and Church, made me think about the various technologies at schools. Actually, it was Brian’s mention of the overhead until the bulb blew . . .

When I was interviewing, I found that overheads are not what they used to be in the field of education.

When I was first asked to describe a class, I mentioned that I like to have the lesson points projected from an LCD projector and then use the overhead on which to work problems. I was laughed at. Overheads are passee. Document readers are in. I’d not even heard of a document reader so I had to go home from that first embarrassing interview and look one up. AND I knew that wasn’t quite true. I’d just had to ask for a new projector the year before and I had dozens in multiple catalogs from which to chose.

From school after school, I received the same information. Every room has a work station with a laptop, a document reader and a LCD projector. One principal suggested that if I came to work at her school, my professional development plan should include up-to-date technology training. That seemed funny to me because I’ve always been the first to embrace technology at places I’ve been in the past.

Well, I still haven’t gotten to use a document reader because the school I ended up at has overhead projectors! I did find a room with a couple of smart boards in it, so I’m going to ask about giving one of them a try.


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