things to accomplish each week

I’m reading Max Lucado’s Fearless for a review to coincide with its release on Tuesday. Info on the back flap was slight – refreshingly so. It listed three things he likes to accomplish each week. That made me think about what I actually like to accomplish each week.

  • Spend time with Ron – real time when we are alone somewhere without distractions. Well other than a book and the newspaper. Lots of good discussion ensues while we are reading.
  • Read something I enjoy just for the enjoyment.
  • Make a difference somewhere to someone. This could be as small as helping a student understand a simple concept that has been eluding them.
  • Plan ahead on one thing. Not big things, but an extra week’s lesson plans, menus, laundry – makes a big difference in how I relax.

So, what’s your list?


2 thoughts on “things to accomplish each week

  1. Yeah, I’m reading the same book too and I look forward to reading your review. I hope to get mine done for Tuesday.

    I’ll be busy taking our daughter to grandma/grandpa tomorrow.

  2. Same here! I like reading the other reviews on the books I’m reviewing 😛

    It was a quick read – only a few hours even with taking notes. You’ll enjoy it.

    Have a good trip!

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