Long and short lived Bibles

With the parting of the TNIV, I wondered what others in modern times had short shelf lives and why.

Oh and here is a suggestion/prediction from Rick Mansfield:

(1) Get your TNIVs while you can as they will become more difficult than ever to find. Yes, I know that it’s promised that the TNIV won’t be phased out until the 2011 NIV is in print. But come on. I put 2009 and not 2011 on the tombstone above for a reason. For the most part Zondervan’s never been that keen on the TNIV. They certainly can’t be found in stores. Do you really think that as supplies dwindle, they’ll crank up another print run? No way. Who knows–they may even be collectors’ items one day. It kind of makes me regret deciding to start writing in the margins of my TNIV Renaissance Leather Reference Edition.


7 thoughts on “Long and short lived Bibles

  1. I ordered a TNIV renaissance Reference Bible before they ran out. I have the BL edition but have always wanted the fine leather version since viewing Brian’s video review. 😉

  2. Ha, ha on the coke – I still have vista though – not short lived enough for me!

    I need to go look in my sales books. I think I still have a TNIV study Bible in there I could pull, but it is hardback.

  3. I thik there will be a lot more TNIV’s in the reduced bin over the next few years.

    i read on another post that you were grumpy about the whole affair. May I ask why?

    I was extremely disappointed with the news – it irked me no end! I had finally found a translation I liked and then they go and pull it.

  4. I need to check the sales bins too. I’d love to get a leather one. I don’t go shopping much after school starts, but . . .

    I’m not grumpy over it anymore, just disappointed that they are going to ax what I think is a good translation. But the news hit when I was near my wit’s end trying to figure out how to do some long range curriculum planning instead of day-by-day planning (VERY inefficient) and the work for grad school was piling up and driving long distances had worn on me some.

    I think I’m over that hump now, but . . .

    I was also a late buy-in for the TNIV. NOT because of all the gender hype put out by the detractors, but I just didn’t see the need to get another version when I had one I was happy with (NASB). BUT I did and I liked it and they pulled it. bah humbug

  5. You are probably right, Jeff. AND I’m sure the disappointment will dissipate over time.

    I did have that TNIV SB in my sales books, so I pulled it (at least for the time being).

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