I am behind

on absolutely everything! I’ve been reading on Google reader for an hour and it’s down to 214 posts. I’ve responded on a few blogs from posts I’m desperately trying to catch up on. The house is dirty. Clothes are piling up. I’m behind on my reading for my MLS course. I need to write lesson plans for next week. They aren’t due until Friday, but Monday’s accident has made me think ahead.

I’ve been operating out of two rooms at school. The air was knocked out of the room I set up on 8/23 and I got moved down the hall into an air conditioned room. (Seriously cuts down on my efficiency working out of two rooms!)

AND all this TNIV talk has made me grumpy.


8 thoughts on “I am behind

  1. Hang in there. It will be better in a month.

    I am thankful for the 3 day weekend coming up, so I can put my brain back in order…

  2. Don’t hurt yourself. It’s not worth the stress of feeling like you have to catch up – unless it’s about my posts, in which case it is a must πŸ˜‰

  3. Bitsy, I took a few months off and am just now catching up. so hand in there! I Started blogging as well. I was reading a few blogs here and there but not at all current.

    The time off was really refreshing and reignited me to post. Which I needed I was a bit burned out.

  4. Joel, I’m glad the police didn’t show up looking for this missing person at school πŸ˜‰

    Nathan, I know you are right. Every year starts this way and when you throw in new school, new routine, the drive AND grad school! Kicking myself over that one – not completely, but a tad.

    This school has started about three new programs to help with AYP and behavior. Everything involves training. I may not get out of bed this weekend. Oh wait, we’ve got WFU football! I guess for that, I’ll get dressed.

    I hope you’ve had a smooth start to your school year!

    Peter! Thanks. There are a few select people I have to read because I just wanna and I miss them when I don’t.

    Robert! I am so glad you are posting again! I have missed your presence. I really want to read everything, but I just can’t. Even trying to catch up, I know I only have time for the ones at the top of the list. The long academic ones are gonna have to wait though.

    Jason, I pruned my subscriptions recently. It was hard, but I noticed I wasn’t reading some people hardly ever – just looking at their titles. They had to go. And still, there are so many . . . πŸ˜€

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