Pink & Purple Purse

This one is a bit bigger than the denim one – I had more material. The purse and the wallet were made in half the time this go round.


7 thoughts on “Pink & Purple Purse

  1. These are all just beautiful!! I wouldn’t even know where to being making something like that. Do you sell these by any chance?

  2. Thanks Sunnie! I haven’t sold any yet – although Ron suggested I try. My biggest concern is that they are homemade and don’t look like a professional product up close. I remember once looking at a comment on eBay for an item that was homemade. The buyer said it was nice but looked homemade. mmmmmm

  3. Well first I have to say that these look fabulous! And next, I think that homemade means UNIQUE! I love these. When you’re ready to sell, drop me a line 🙂 Cause I surely would love to have a purse and wallet!!

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