Did God Create the USA?

Excellent post by Cranmer today by the same title. Actually mosts of his posts are absolutely wonderful, so check him out. Yesterday, he had one on the rise of Jewish attacks in the UK.

Today, he addresses an article in the Guardian about how the religous right would like to be involved in textbook selection/content.

It is one thing to have a constitutional separation of Church and State, but quite another to interpret this as a requirement for the eradication of every expression of Christianity from the public realm. The United States is searching for its via media: one which accommodates ‘In God We Trust’ and the liturgical coronation of a president – with hand on Bible and ‘fundamentalist’ in the pulpit – while somehow purporting to remain ‘secular’ and ‘neutral’.

The drive to eradicate God and Christianity from the history of the United States is simply mirroring what is happening in the UK and the EU. . . .

He continues later with:

. . .  Understanding one’s traditions and culture demands a grasp of their history, and this must include a fair assessment of the role of religion. If this is not to be part of a school curriculum, then that curriculum is corrupted by omission because children are deprived a means of making sense of the modern world.

Excellent analysis.


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