Which Modern Evangelist/Theologian are You?

Following the lead of Polycarp, I’ll post my Facebook theologian quiz results.

Bitsy took the Which Modern Evangelist/Theologian are You? quiz and the result is Rick Warren

You are the Pastor of Saddleback mega-church in California, and the best selling author of “The Purpose Driven Life.” You hold to traditional conservative orthodoxy, but have a gentler approach than those on the Religious Right. You have broadened your ministry to include environmental issues & AIDs prevention in Africa. You even allow non-believers to work with your organization so that you can be a witness to them. You are controversial as a result, and called a Heretic by some on the far Right. So you must be doing something right.
So there ya go.
Edited to add others who took the quiz (Polycarp is at the top of the post):
I feel like there should be more, but I’m not finding them . . .

6 thoughts on “Which Modern Evangelist/Theologian are You?

  1. I am “John Piper”.

    According to the test this means…

    You are the Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist in Minneapolis. You are a brilliant thinker, writer and preacher. However, you also question wether John Calvin was enough of a Calvinist. You wield the sword of protection for any perceived threat to God’s sovereignty. Unfortunately, your idea of God’s sovereignty is pretty much limited to the idea of “Predestination” and not much else. No one can doubt where your heart stands, and you are deeply passionate about Christ. Unfortunately, you are often perceived as being narrow & rigid. It’s not fair, but you might do yourself a favor by not reminding people what degenerate, filthy robots we are. (Most of us already know that)”

    Some of that is true. I am sort of narrow & rigid, no doubt about that. When it comes to the Gospel I refuse to move and I certainly do “wield the sword of protection for any perceived threat to God’s sovereignty”. However I don’t agree with what it says about how I view God’s sovereignty. My view of God’s sovereignty is a bit broader than that. I also don’t agree with the last sentence. Most people don’t know they are sinners. They seem to think they are okay because they are not guilty of the “big” sins.

    Neat quiz.


  2. Why did I still emerge as Rob Bell?…

    So I got weak in the knees and took the misguided: Which Modern Evangelist/Theologian Are You?
    Rob Bell
    My answers:
    The bold two are what Elshaddai and I have in common:

    An M.Div is helpful, but you still need the Holy Spirit to help you out as you …

  3. I feel like there should be more, but I’m not finding them . . .

    Everyone else is to embarrassed to share with anyone beyond their facebook buddies for fear of ridicule in the cutthroat world of blogging.

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