Do-Not-Reply emails

Surely you get them too? I get them from a new source now – companies to which I’ve applied. Thank you for your resume (application). Make sure you do not reply to this email because no one is listening. Mixed emotions here. So glad my that time consuming application went through, but what are my chances with a company that won’t talk to me?

I did a search on these emails. Seems absolutely no one likes them, yet they are widely used to disperse information. AWeber has a good review about marketing campaigns that use Do-Not-Reply emails.

People who use “Do Not Reply” addresses…

  • … try to have one-way conversations in their marketing.Problem is, a one-way conversation isn’t a conversation at all. It’s a monologue.
  • … treat subscribers as a cost whenever they’re doing anything except buying something.To them, feedback isn’t free research on how to market better; it’s a cost to be avoided.
  • … don’t get that the main thing that affects your email deliverability is basically whether you make subscribers mad. Make them mad, they click the “spam” button. Enough of them do it, and you have a delivery problem.To subscribers, spam isn’t just unsolicited bulk email, it’s any email they don’t want. And not many people want to hear from people – or companies – who refuse to hear back from them.
  • Business who use a “Do Not Reply” address don’t understand that they’re asking for spam complaints.

Pretty good thoughts, but I don’t consider those notices from a company that received my application as spam NOR would I ever complain about them 😉


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