Asking for IM sign-up for job interview?

I got two today for Yahoo Messenger. Neither left a position.

  1. From James Trimble and the IM is This one was very verbose. No company.
  2. From Thomas Woodwork and the IM is This one was much more to the point and did leave a company name – GoldStar Credit, but I couldn’t find any Thomas Woodwork at GoldStar Credit.

I guess I need to do some research, but could they learn with or do through my IM?


5 thoughts on “Asking for IM sign-up for job interview?

  1. Did you follow through with Thomas Woodwork? I answered an ad for A/P and A/R position. I received an email to have an interview over the Internet and while I did not sign up for Yahoo, I contacted him through my messenger account. There are some flags and I don’t know what to do. If you see this, please contact me at Did you call GoldStar Credit in Florida? If so, is that what you mean by not finding him at Goldstar Credit? He sent me to that website. I’m online trying to find out anything I can about whether or not this is a scam and so far what you have written is all I can find.


  2. Hi Candideyes,

    No, I didn’t follow through. Here’s the email and it just doesn’t say enough.

    Dear Applicant,

    Your resume has been reviewed by our company (GoldStar Credit).

    A briefing and interview has been scheduled for you online,now. Download and setup yahoo messenger on your PC from:

    Register for a yahoo messenger ID and instant message (IM) me at this ID: “tomaswoodwork” or “” for a briefing and interview.


    I ran a search on google. Most people show up with their company if they do much of anything online or are in a company index.

    It doesn’t say enough. It just told me my resume had been approved. It didn’t say what the job was for or have any other point of reference. Someone really interested in me and my skills is going to be a bit more forthcoming. Smells like a scam to get info from me.

    I also ran a search on using IM for interviews and what I found involved the gaming community that already have IDs set up. OR they use a company called Second Life that is designed for interviews.

    I wish you all the best in your job hunt.

  3. Just completed an interview with him. Seems very suspect. Phones are down can’t speak. Sends e-mail from yahoo e-mail, not corporate domain. Wants me to purchase software for the job. Said I can’t, said its ok, and states company will, but needs bank account to send funds to, so I can purchase directly. Found the company is owned by Dante Loreto, INc. , owned by Shane Seaman. Please contact me and advise of what you know. Slade —-

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