Your desktop – the real one

Mark Stevens is having a desktop challenge. Post a picture of what yours looks like. Mine’s pretty clean right now because I’ve gotten in the habit of cleaning it up each evening and I read the challenge first thing in the morning. So, here’s mine:

So, what does your desktop look like?

Desktops from around the blogosphere:



Brian Fulthorp

Robert Jimenez

Peter Lopez

Nick Norelli

Gary Zimmerli


8 thoughts on “Your desktop – the real one

  1. Mark: Thanks for starting this!

    Martin: I like your desk – but I did pass you a swiffer for dusting 😉

    Kat! I really do want to see yours! Really!

    Robert, a girl has got to sew somewhere! This way I can work on the laptop and sew at the same time 😀

    Now, just a week ago the place was a complete wreck. I’d finished bringing home all my school stuff and it was stacked all over the place in the office. Thought it was gonna collapse on me. Now it’s all nicely put away . . .

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