It’s Spring Break book giveaway

I ended up with two of these and decided that since it’s the first day of Spring Break (raining, but still day one) that I’d give the second one away in celebration of a holiday.

The Grand Weaver: How God Shapes Us Through the Events of Our Lives by Ravi Zacharias published in 2007.

Description from CBD:

Are the threads of our lives accidentally tangled or intentionally arranged? Ravi Zacharias answers that question with stories that indicate that every detail of our lives is woven into place by a loving and sovereign Father. See how the Grand Weaver is stitching the tapestry of your life in this inspiring book.

Giveaway rules:

  • Reply to this post letting me know you want to be entered.
  • This is just a plain old drawing – names in a hat. One will be drawn.
  • Your name can be added a second time by posting this info on your blog.
  • All entering must have a USA mailing address, and the book will be mailed by USPS Media Mail.
  • Contest begins immediately and will continue through midnight on Sunday March 22nd (EST).
  • I’ll draw Monday when I get home from school.

Since it is spring break, I’ll be in and out – gone overnight a couple of times . . .  So If I disappear, well, I haven’t really 😉

32 thoughts on “It’s Spring Break book giveaway

  1. Yea, Bitsy! Hope you have a great Spring break! Also, please put my name in the hat for this book! It sounds great! 🙂

  2. I’d like to be entered in the book giveaway.

    Nick Birdsong


    In Christ,


  3. Hi Bitsy! Please count me in! I don’t have a blog yet, just a Facebook – haha PamelaK from the BB

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