What are you reading and how many books do you read at a time

Combo topic I know –  but related.

Bryan (who’s taking a hiatus right now) wrote a post about what we thought about the books we were reading. I didn’t answer. Darn. I just listed. I’ll have to fix that here.

Wisdom and Eloquence: A Christian Paradigm for Classical Learning by Robert Littlejohn and Charles T. Evans. So far this one has been excellent. Really made me think about what I do in the classroom and rethink how I could do it better.

The Pattern of God’s Truth by Frank Gaebelein. Too dry for my tastes but supports the Christian aspect of education that I’m reading in Wisdom and Eloquence.

Misquoting Jesus – Bart Ehrman. This one is just kind of for fun. I had no expectations except to see what he had to say.

The Bible as History by Werner Keller. Again dry, but very interesting. Lots crammed in. Haven’t read anything yet that I’d question.

Age and Opportunity by Paul David Tripp. This is fairly light. Easy to read. Written for parents of teens. He’s big into talking to them – how novel. 😉 Makes me wish I was a counselor instead of a teacher at times.

AND Inkspell by Cornelia Funke for fun. Finished and started on Inkdeath. It was wonderful.

This morning I ran across a post about how many books do you read at a time on catching days by Cynthia.

What I saw in both posts and the comments that followed Bryan’s was that I’m not the only one that reads multiple books at a time. Hot Dog. I think I’ll ask around at school.

What are you reading? How many books do you have going at a single time?

2 thoughts on “What are you reading and how many books do you read at a time

  1. I’m reading a few books right now:

    Christology in the Making — James D. G. Dunn

    How on Earth Did Jesus Become a God? — Larry Hurtado

    Van Til’s Apologetic — Greg L. Bahnsen

    From Jewish Prophet to Gentile God — Maurice Casey

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